Become A Volunteer

Please note: Anyone under the age of 18 must be directly supervised by an adult volunteer.

Hospitality Volunteer

We’d love to offer our hotel guests a bag of kindness upon checking into our partner hotels.

  • Volunteer to put together hospitality bags with non-perishable snacks and drinks for our newly arrived guests.

Cookie Committee

Do you enjoy baking and putting a smile on peoples’ faces with your homemade treats? Then Cookie Committee is for you!

  • Sign up on our calendar to bake cookies for our guests! Just once a month or less!

Special Event Volunteer

  • Help us with special events!

Group Volunteers

  • Volunteer groups are needed on occasion for special projects and events

send us an email or call 815-762-4882 

Please complete the on line Volunteer Application to get started in becoming a volunteer!

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