Temporary COVID-19 Restrictions: Guest and Visitor Guidelines

Guests and Visitors:

  • We are accepting a limited number of guests back to the House, subject to room availability, and with new COVID-19 policies designed to help ensure everyone’s safety.
  • Requests for temporary housing will continue to be processed via our Referral Form, which is available from the patient’s healthcare provider.
  • Once we receive a completed Referral Form, our staff will pre-screen potential guests over the phone using a standardized COVID-19 questionnaire and check them in.
  • Face masks must be worn when entering the House and in all common areas. Pay-It-Forward House will provide one mask per day to each guest. Guests are also required to receive daily temperature checks.
  • Until further notice, we have reduced the number of available guest rooms to 2.
  • Diligent hand hygiene practices are required.
  • Increased daily cleaning of common areas such as kitchen, bathrooms, etc. will be required.
  • Written guidelines with updated details will be provided to new guests when they arrive for their stay.

Additional Guidelines:

  • Volunteer services and other activities will return on a limited basis.
  • Staff: To keep our guests safe and the House operating smoothly, staff will work onsite with a flexible schedule throughout the week.  Please call  us at (815) 762-4882 to schedule a drop off of items or donations.
  • Vendors and delivery personnel will be met outside of the House. 


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